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steps to a belfast sink pond

I have got my Belfast sink pond in ( been in place a couple of weeks now) and there is a water mint in there as a starter plant and an oxygenator plant that I cannot recall the name of. it has stones in there also to allow creatures to get out.


the only thing is nothing is using the pond yet and I think its because its so high as it is not buried and is sat on bricks to allow the overflow to operate as normal.. clearly  I need some sort of steps up to the pond.


would I be better off trying to get hold of some stones to use or would cut down timber be better to use or is there an alternative?




  • darren636darren636 Posts: 666
    I use different sized pots full of plants around my half water butt.

    I've got all sorts if critters in mine. But no newts or frogs.

    Wood or stone will be ok, you could even plant into cracks and crevices, blending nicely.

    Water mint will get quite out of hand though.

    Veronica becabunga is similar but better behaved.
  • jpsbcfcjpsbcfc Posts: 50

    thanks for the reply. the water mint is in a basket so hopefully that will stop It getting too out of hand and I can always lift it out if needed anyway.


    pots around the pond is a nice idea tbh I mostly only have plastic tho, would they still work?

    I have a couple of old pallets knocking about so I could easily do the wooden steps but your suggestion of planting in the gaps means I'm leaning towards rocks now lol.

  • darren636darren636 Posts: 666
    Any pots will work.

    Mine have strawberries, mint and herbs , such as creeping thyme.

    Just go with what looks nicest!
  • jpsbcfcjpsbcfc Posts: 50

    I have 2 pots of mint on the patio, chocolate and pineapple so that could work.


    also the pots with dafs in are going to need storing or reusing, thanks for the advice

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