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poinsetta plant

How can I keep my poinsettal plants for as long as possible.

Any advice?


  • Jean GenieJean Genie Posts: 1,724

    Hi Roses. I'm cheating really, having to confess that poinsettas are one of the few plants I'm not keen on . Sorry. image

    I have found this link for you though.

    Hope this helps. image

  • I am  a great killer of poinsettias because I want to water and fuss them,my daughter on the other hand who has not a clue about plants has kept her poinsettia just by sheer neglect.They don't like a lot of water ,draughts and have to stay in the dark for the leaves to turn red ,so I am trying the neglect method.image

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Honestly -it not worth the effort to keep it going for another year-it a lot of faffing around with the amount of daylight-leave that to the professional growers and threat it as an annual treat to be discarded when finished

  • roses2roses2 Posts: 14

    Thanks for all replies.

    I think I will take the advice.

    Keep trying then  give upimage

  • roses2roses2 Posts: 14

    Thanks for help  to Jean R.

    I tried and it is A good page.

  • I have had mine for 3 years and it is going from strength to strength. i had it planted in my garden last summer. It loved that as well then i brought it in for the winter. They are not all that bad plants really. But everyone has different opinions. I water mine every 4-5 days with a room temperature of anywhere from 18-22c. 

  • Mine has been sat in a incredibly sunny windowsill since last christmas, watered when dry and repotted when is appeared to need it. Given it tomato feed every now & then. No special treatment at all, if anything rather neglected.3 of the 6 branches have been knocked off by the blind.

    Mid november it started to grow red bracts. Looks like it will have coloured up properly intime for xmas.

  • I bought a poinsetta before Christmas last year; it was 30p off Morrison's reduced shelf.  For once I read the label and have only watered it with tepid water and only when it is dry.  It has continued to produce new leaves with lots of them turning red - it still has red bracts on it now, with new ones appearing all the time.
    It sits in the dining room which is quite bright and gets the afternoon sun, but it is on the table not the windowsill.
    My houseplant book suggests the aforementioned faffing about with restricted light, but to be honest the plant looks really happy as it is.
    My current wonderings are whether to re-pot it and maybe consider pruning/re-shaping but that is probably best left until after Christmas.
    Any thoughts please?

    No longer newish but can't think of a new name so will remain forever newish.  B) 

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