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does anybody know of a good 3D garden design app

WonkyWombleWonkyWomble Posts: 4,508

Don't know if anyone uses garden design apps? Thought it a good way to plan after daylight hours have gone, from the sofa with a brandy coffee image

The chappy on GW had one on his small garden bit, looked handy but I can't find that one and all the ones I can see look naff image


  • WintersongWintersong Posts: 2,436

    I used to use pencils and paper until I got a tablet 

    What I do now is to take a photo of the area I want to redesign then use the tablet pen, I find a picture of a plant via Google, cut out the image using the pen and copy/paste to photo stored on the tablet's inbuilt apps, in my case I have Gallery and another but I forgot it's name but you get the idea?image I can move and manipulate the image before saving it to see what something might look like 

  • WintersongWintersong Posts: 2,436

    The other app is called sketchbook for the Galaxy which is my tablet 

  • WonkyWombleWonkyWomble Posts: 4,508

    Thanks Winter image I'll have an explore! I've only had the tablet for 3 days so still learning but think your instructions will set me on the right path! Can't bare the night time now....typically the one time it hasn't been raining all day! I may invest in floodlighting! image

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