"Amazing" offer from Thompson Morgan to GW' viewers

I am so angry with this that I really need to share it.

I moved to a house with a space full of weeds, so I decided to at least build a space for wildlife and order some plants.

As I am on a restrict budget,so I was quite happy to take advantage of the offers placed here by Thompson and Morgan, and obviously, with GW's blessing., and ordered the lavenders.

I received them last week, one centimetre of plant, half of them dead, completely squeezed.

I think that this kind of behaviour should not be allowed, especially because GW is the cherry on the top of the green cake and should surround itself by honest people and not this rubbish.

Really... what on Earth??



  • landgirl100landgirl100 Posts: 655

    I've sworn never to use T&M again after a couple of similar experiences. However, if you contact them they will replace them (eventually!). Send them a photo of the disaster.

  • Hi landgirl, the same happened to me several times, they replaced rotten plants with more rotten plants and in the end they sent me plants to late to be established due to Winter.

    I complained several times, and, like you, sworn to never, ever, use them again, I just thought that, because they are allowed to be part of GW, they would behave before sending rubbish.

    No such luck!

  • landgirl100landgirl100 Posts: 655

    They seem to have offers in several gardening magazines, and they always sound so attractive. Best to just boycott them, IMHO.

  • Thank you Verdun, as if it is not enough to dig lots of stones, battle strong winds, lose 3 greenhouses, and chase plants all over the place, now this.

    I am trying to find the thread... grrrrrrrrrrr

  • Was that the offer that came with a free pair of snips? Mine should be arriving soon.

  • I didn't order this offer myself, but I do have to say I haven't had any problems with plants I've ordered from them. I hope you get in touch with them and get it sorted image 

  • Jo71Jo71 Posts: 34

    I've had various plants from them in past and have been really disappointed. Never again. 

  • Ordered plants mid March, still nothing. Do not not reply to email. if you phone you're left hanging on. Dreadful company - do not use.

  • Tropical SamTropical Sam Posts: 1,493

    I have said it a few times: there is no such thing as a free offer: there is a cost somewhere and you have to think, would I pay £6 for this in a garden centre? The answer is normally no.

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