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Lawn bees

I have bees in my lawn! They look a little like honey bees, but smaller and redder, so I guess they are mason bees. My dog has been trying to dig them out, and wondering what she was doing I watched a hole for a while. Along came a bee and it walked down into a little tunnel. There are at least 5 individual holes, I guess one per bee.

My problem is the lawn also has lots of moss, and was due for a 'weed and feed' treatment. Does anyone know if this will affect the bees? They have already survived at least two mowings.



  • It might, but it's nigh on impossible to say. Those eggs that are being laid will have hatched in a few weeks or so. Could you give the lawn a good raking to get most of the moss out now and open up the soil for the grass roots now and leave the feeding for a few weeks?

  • seacrowsseacrows Posts: 221

    I think I'll just have to live with some moss, I don't know where all the tunnels are, and I don't want to collapse any of them by raking over them. I can spot apply moss killer to some of the worst bits.

    They are fascinating to watch, in and out of each tunnel every ten minutes or so.


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