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boggy mossy lawn

Hi just moved into house with a very damp moss filled lawn. its about 60ft x30ft so is there any advice on how to tackle it without digging the whole lot up with a digger and starting over. It will probably have to be relawned just to gat rid of the moss.


  • jo4eyesjo4eyes Posts: 2,058

    I would imagine everyone's lawn is damp & soggy after all the rain we've had these last few months. Check if there is a shade problem. If overhanging trees/shrubs & adjacent fences/buildings are the cause then they need to be considered. A shade lawn will always have moss. Trees & shrubs can be pruned but buildings cant.

    Compaction of the existing lawn will also probably be a factor. That is worse if the underlying soil is clay based, but can be dealt with. Strenuous job though- you can hire a machine for a day rather than having to prod the whole area with a fork yourself.

    There are lawn treatments which include a moss killing agent that are applied in the Spring. Check these out at a local GC/B&Q to see how to use & just as importantly when to apply.

    The moss goes black & then needs scarifying to remove it. I think that you can hire some equipment to help you do that with such a large area.

    If cost isnt too much of an issue, but time & energy are, then there are specific companies that do lawn maintenance. It apparently doesnt cost that much... but honestly not sure about that.

    Removing your existing turf & getting it all prepared for reseeding, in April, is a heck of a lot of work! As is removing the existing turf & then getting the surface ok for laying new turf. J.


  • Matty2Matty2 Posts: 4,817

    At our previous house we thought the lawn had had it. Called in a lawn maintenence company and saved the lawn and our pockets. 

    When we moved here lawn was in worse condition so have done the same thing.

     They give you advice, have the right tools and save the guesswork in feeding/weeding the lawn and at what time of year.  It is still not  quick fix, and not free, but we are now beginning to see a difference. mind you they weren't happy when i said i wanted to keep a clover lawn for the bees, but they could do all the rest!! 

    If its a decent firm they should tell you if your lawn is beyond redemption

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