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Talkback: Learning from 2012

I have vowed only to grow early potatoes anf harvest them before the dreaded blight, and only Gardeners; Delight or similar tomatoes and yellow varieties which were the only ones that escaped the blight. I too will be growing my veg, plants indoors till they are big enough to withstand slug attacks. My new raised beds were a godsend as they needed no watering at all and kept free of slugs. Having acquired a new peach tree for Xmas which has buds swelling on it already i have read that rain brings peach curl disease so it is coming in to the conservatory in a big pot. There is room if I bring some of my houseplants out into the house!


  • A peach tree will be lovely, happymarion. I have one outside, and it's teh variety 'Avalon Pride' that is naturally resistant to peach leaf curl. What variety do you have?
  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591
    It is a Peregrine, Adam. It is ten feet already but my conservatory is very lofty and already has a fig tree in it in a big pot!
  • Peregrine is a lovely peach. Get ready with the soft paint brush to dab open flowers to improve pollination, as there are never any pollinating insects around at flowering time to help.

    I've done this with a potted nectarine in the past, and then got such a heavy fruit-set that I've needed to thin out drastically.

    Oh what a treat you'll have later this summer when they ripen! Well, that's what gardening's all about, isn't it?
  • Sue HSue H Posts: 415
    2012 was a strange year. Fantastic early weather where everything got off to a flying start. Then late frosts . Then momentous amounts of rain drowned the lot. My tomato plants - several different varietys - grew to about seven feet tall, flowered, then 6 fruits from 5 plants!

    Some things were a success - salad leaves aplenty. Broadbeans did well too.

    I am just hoping that 2013 will be a brighter, drier year.

    Whatever. Looking forward to it. With a capital 'L' image
  • After the miserable weather we had in 2012, we said we would only concentrate on things that did well in the wet. Broad beans, runner beans, salads and early potatoes, but as spring approaches we will no doubt be saying" I think we'll give so and so a try again" we usually do.image All our fruit, both soft and apples etc did well,  so let's hope for a drier year and more crops. I think we will need to be growing as much as possible to try to save money!

    We have got a Peregrine Peach, but have not had a lot of success so far, either the frost has got the blossom or it has been stricken with leaf curl. The few fruits that did set, then dropped off, but maybe this year.......

    Purple sprouting broccoli is looking good so far.


  • I'm with Sue H. Extreme weather can mean extreme heat, or extreme drought, or extreme cold, not just extreme wet. We could experience all or none of the above in the next few years, just like in the last few. Using last year as a benchmark is very short-sighed IMO.

    Just keep on growing what you like and will do well in your soil conditions.

  • Absolutely! Keep on gardening, and hedge your bets. You never know what the weather has in store, but surely it won't be another wet one. Have fun everyone.

  • I'd a great crop of enormous Sarpo Mira potatoes - all from potatoes kept from the previous year. Adjacent plots had blight, but mine escaped, as I sprayed lightly with Bordeaux mix when I saw the signs nearby. I checked the stored S. Mira & Kestrel yesterday and all are fine - no rot, but Mayan Gold had rotted. Onions and shallots were very poor and only a few have kept until now. Climbing beans were late, but crop was reasonable. French beans - very poor. Beetroot - worst results in 6 years. Carrots best in 6 years - kept covered with light fleece all season. We'd a very wet, cool  2012 season in Central Scotland.


  • homebirdhomebird Posts: 110
    We had a terrible year in our veg plot last year. We have never seen so many slugs. Nothing did really well. The runner bean flowers were late setting but eventually gave a reasonable crop. This year we are going to sow everything indoors or in the greenhouse and plant them out when they are really strong. Goodness knows what we will try next for the slug Still, I'm looking forward to starting the sowing and growing....think positive everyone, we going to have a great growing year.......
  • Try this defence barrier to 'deter' if not get rid of slugs completely :-

    Collect shells from a beach, preferably where there are lots of broken ones already - encourage the kids to help. Once home, smash the shells up and sprinkle the bits in a complete ring around things like seedlings, lettuce, etc.

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