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Dracaena Marginata Leaves yellowing.

Hi, i bought a Dracaena Marginata houseplant in the summer, and put it in my conservatory near a wndow, it thrived there until the weather turned cold.(My conservatory gets very cold in the winter, i do have a heater in there but dont put it on as i dont use the room much.) Anyway a lot of the leaves have turned yellow and some have dropped off.I water it sparingly so i dont think this is the problem as i know they dont like to be overwatered. I moved it into my lounge two days ago as it is much warmer but there is not as much light. Do you think the cold is the problem and have i done the right thing in moving it even though the light is,nt as good.Any help with this problem would be much appreciated. Thanks


  • Jean GenieJean Genie Posts: 1,724

    Hi Elizabeth. I would say that your plant has been chilled and think you've done the right thing in bringing it in a warmer place. Only problem being, they do enjoy bright conditions. Maybe you could move it some where with a bit more light ?

    They are not sulky plants so will not mind being moved again .  As they age , some of the lower leave fall off and you are left with a little trunk but the new leaves carry on growing from the top - a bit like a yucca.

    Are the yellowing leaves confined to the bottom of the plant or are others affected as well ?

  • Hi, thanks very much for your quick reply,ive put this pic up of it. as you can see its a three stemmed plant and ive taken most of the yellowing leaves off but they were underneath each of the three stems.I will have to find somewhere with a bit more light but will leave it where it is for a few days to see how it goes. many thanks for your advice.



  • Jean GenieJean Genie Posts: 1,724

    It looks pretty healthy to me , Elizabeth. A fine specimen, image


  • Thank you, yes it is a nice plant and i don,t want to lose it, so hopefully it will pick up now.

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