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what you find when out walking



  • KezzaKezza Posts: 90

    Oh that is so sad re:  your catimage hopefully that degenerate will get his come-uppance soon image!!  I put a fluorescent jacket on my 2 dogs at all times now when out walking, I hate guns, and far too many are trigger-happy in my mind, but it does restrict sometimes where we can walk, and that annoys me.

  • I agree. My cats stay in now. We have a poacher round here now and kids play with air riffles on the common green at the back of my new house. Little buggers. Im looking forward to see what wildlife will be in the garden this year. Just having a tea break while working on a little water feature now. I doiss walking over the feilds though.
  • There are lot of dis-tasteful people about who do despicable things to humans and animals,I hope one day they will get justice met out on them.I have seen to the results of poachers and the like.My mother had a badgers set in her field that had been there for decades,my brother heard voices one night and next morning the sett had been dug out and badgers no-more.

  • That's disgusting! image

    I don't understand why people feel the need to tamper with things that are nothing to do with them. There are very few badgers as there are. I remember the animal rights people released mink into the river Tyne, just below my old cottage. They destroyed everything and it took years for the river to recover. They said 'Free the Mink' but didn't think if the consequences. image

  • too true,same as when people decided to dump terrapins in ponds and rivers,its not fair on the terrapins or the wildlife around.image

  • I agree. Some people just dont think before acting. Its like peoplw wgo take on any animal then neglect it because they cant be bothered with the poor beasts.
  • Alan4711Alan4711 Posts: 1,657

    when i lived on the outskirts of Melton  Mowbray the local streams and smaller rivers were losing most of there native crayfish to the introduced (illegally) i think they call them  North American Signal crayfish which were killing them,they can grow quite large and have a good nipimage

    Cheers all Alanimage

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