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Missing your weekly fix of Gardeners World?

In February they are to repeat Carol Klein's "Life in a Cottage Garden" runs for 6 weeks, well worth watching again or if you missed it the first time round, and the book of the same name is very good-adorable! it is like a journal/ diary for the year.

 Life in a Cottage Garden with Carol Klein. Filmed at her home in north Devon, the six-part series followed Carol for a year of gardening; encountering the rewards and challenges, and decay and renewal that each season brings to Glebe Cottage.
I think it is based on a year in her garden in 2009 or 2010.

Also a new series- Monty's French gardens is coming soon

I wish they re-ran the older Gardeners World- those from the time of when I didn't watch as thought gardening was a necessity rather than the pleasure it is now....must be my hooked in 2009 when I bought this house!


  • yes,I would like to see some of the older programmes ,I use to love geoff hamilton gardening programme,but having said that I do like the way Carol gardens ,you just know she loves what she does and she thinks like a "real gardner"and so does Monty.image

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