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Bought some Hellibores yesterday - three pots, quite large plants, do they spread easily/quickly, or do they keep themselves together? Just trying to work out how best to locate/plant them (ie, in a solid group, or spaced a bit further apart).


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    They'll get bigger but they don't have invasive roots. Seed like mad though

  • They do seed and I have had a few come up but they are not invasive .image

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 24,237

    I have a forest of them but they're not hard to remove. Problem is I let them all grow on to see if there are any good ones in there. You do get some but there is a tendency to seed back to the dirty pinks.

  • I had saved some hellebore plants in pots on my allotment whilst my garden was a building site. hen I fetched them back I found the large plants split quite easily into several small ones. At this time of year the big leaves should be removed so the flowers can be seen more easily. Leaves will soon replace themselves in the growing season.
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    I'd allow quite a bit of room between plants as the leaves flop/sprawl as the season continues.

    They will self-seed. I leave some, but move a lot as they are usually too close to the parent. I have some pots of babies from my Ashwood plants doing nicely. The seedlings flower themselves after 4-5yrs, but yes, do tend to be the mucky pink/burgundy unless you are very lucky! J.

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    Well worth the space. I love them. I'm watching them building up for it now. Just need to get all those mankey leaves off first

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    I think that's a good idea Verdun. If only because most years I'd be walking on dry soil not the squelch I've got now. It's very exciting at this time. Always something out there. Bulbs appearing, so what if they slow up when the real winter comes. catkins on hazel, alder. garryea. The little cyclamen coum, arum italicum, flowering shrubs. absolutely wonderful.

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