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The A to Z of TV Gardening



  • Gardengirl..Gardengirl.. Posts: 4,134

    Watched it now some bit on there that I have not seen before I like the bird bit and will try beetroot again. Wonder what they have for the Letter C

    Anybody any guesses on what will be shown for the  Letter C?

    Hampshire Gardener
  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    cows ,cats collie dogs,carats,chresanthemumums,crocusesses

  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591

    Carrots, cabbages, (no just had them),Chrysanthemums or carnations, Christmas trees, compost, creepie crawlies,caterpillars,cold weather hazards?

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 20,936

    cuttings, compost, cacti, clematis, carrots, cherries, cold frames

    Dordogne and Norfolk. Clay in Dordogne, sandy in Norfolk.
  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Watched it this morning-forgot how twee Alys Flower wasimage-anyway 9.15 tomorrow morning-letter C- for Cat


  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    On in the middle of the night this week-7.30am

    And there is a great tennis to watch afterwardsimage

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Late change

    now 8.15am-tennis has moved to BBC1


  • Gardengirl..Gardengirl.. Posts: 4,134

    Thanks for that Sotongeoff will watch on iplayer really wanted Cucumber for letter C but not there - what is for letter D any clue?  may be Dwarf beans or Dill not sure of any more for letter D

    Hampshire Gardener
  • Bunny ...Bunny ... Posts: 3,471
    Dandelion ? Dahlia ?
  • Matty2Matty2 Posts: 4,817


    OH just checked listings for this for tomorrow and the times are different - it's because of Andy Murray - so check beofre you go to record/watch

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