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marigold / sweet pea seeds

hi all, as above, i have marigold seeds and sweet pea seeds, i need to get the seeds sewed in pots in the greenhouse, is the time to do this about now or should i have done it allready ?




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    As hollie hock says you can sow them now just means you will get later blooms. I sowed my last sweet peas and marigolds a week ago and they have just germinated. Saves  buying plants. image

  • have you sewed them straight outdoors or in the greenhouse




  • charlie22charlie22 Posts: 154

    hi. I did the sweet peas outside and the marigolds in the green house. my back garden is quite sheltered on one side.image

  • charlie22charlie22 Posts: 154

    I dont know where u live craig but I live in cornwall so the weather has not been that bad until now.image

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    I wouldn't worry, I find late sowings invariably catch up. I once sowed a chilli which was supposed to be difficult in May, (chilli cherry bomb) and got a wonderful crop. Trouble was , I didn't know what to do with them and threw them away image. I wouldn't make that mistake now!


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