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  • Good morning everyone, image

    Fortunately no snow here yet...

    Here is what I found on the web today.

    The Mid American Gardener has the following...

    On this week’s episode of Mid-American Gardener host David Robson and panelists Bill Erickson, Theresa Meers and Jim Schuster answer your phone calls and emails. They cover topics ranging from pergola wisteria to fescue problems to a cattail invasion.

    Oklahoma Gardening has this...

    Former Host Steve Owens visits the Linnnaeus Teaching Garden and The Tulsa Botanic Garden. Barbara Brown also prepares a winter vegetable soup.

    Grünzeug visited the botanic garden in Ulm, a herbaceous nursery in Empel, and looks at making an easy to maintain garden with grasses.

    German broadcaster ZDF has a clip about how to look after citrus plants.

    I also found a clip from German broadcaster SWR about potatoes.

    And Kaffee oder Tee had yet another clip about snowdrops.

    Have a lovely day ! image



  • Hi Pat,

    After a few really hot days we've now had more rain and nice and cool. Have been able to get outside and attack some of the weeds. I live on the Mid North Coast about 2 hrs north of Newcastle. The most temperate spot in Australia. Lived in Canberra for years but too cold for me. Lived on the Gold Coast, too hot. Like the 3 bears, I've now found somewhere just right. Gardening is indeed a pleasure here. Just a bit too much rain lately and now spending a lot of time mowing. We've got a few acres and I mow with a rideon so it's not a hard job just time consuming. I check on all my garden as I ride around.
  • Hi Kleipieper,

    Nice to get such a nice welcome from everyone. I'm sure I'm going to enjoy talking gardening with other enthusiasts.

    My begonias are mostly the ones with different coloured and shaped leaves. I have over 50 different ones and still adding. My husband has made me some wonderful steel shelves for them and I have a shadehouse that is strictly begonias. In spring when they flower it looks absolutely brilliant.

    Hope it's not getting too cold over there.

    Have a good day.???
  • Hi Lily Pily,

    I live on Mid North Coast of NSW which is a long way from Melbourne in climate. Here we can grow just about anything. Most bulbs do really well and I have different ones to flower at different times. A stretch of garden along our drive, a full paddock long, has daffodils, jonquils and freesias for spring then hippeastrums, daylilies, and pineapple lilies to take over when they finish. There are other shrubs as well but I do love the bulbs. Once planted they take care of themselves. Hope you grow lots where you are now.
  • Hi Verdun,

    I love Gardening Australia too. It's a pity it has to take a break but they have a good website for checking out stuff and I use that quite a bit too.
  • Hi Ginger 2, image

    Lovely to hear from you again!image

    Wow, so many begonias!

    That must be a really spectacular sight!  And it looks as if you have a lovely garden too! image

    I'm sure everyone on the forum would love to see some pictures, if possible!

    And it would be lovely if you could open a special thread about your begonias.

    That way the people who don't usually look in on this thread about TV programmes will  probably see it as well, and I'm sure some of them would find it really interesting!

    It looks like winter is finally starting here, brrr.

    Temperatures are just below zero at the moment, and it's raining.

    That means freezing rain, and very slippery pavements... Fortunately it's Saturday, and I'ver got all my shopping done.

    If only you could send some of your lovely warm weather to us at the moment...

    Have a lovely evening! image

  • Good morning everyone, image

    Here is today's harvest.

    The Central Texas Gardener has the following...

    Marjory Wildcraft from The Grow Network explains how to grow half your food in less than an hour a day! On tour, toast Nerinda and Joel Pennington’s backyard vineyard that launched their family-­produced signature wine, Slow Turtle. Daphne explains why some cold­-hardy plants freeze in containers. John grafts leggy houseplants to make new ones to pass along.

    Silence, ça pousse visited the Le jardin de la Mansonnière, looks at towns and villages in bloom, visits a sculptor, and helps with a garden problem.

    And Kaffee oder Tee has a clip about hyacinths for indoors.

    Have a lovely Saturday! image


  • Good morning everyone, image

    We had snow during the night!! image

    And very lttle gardening programmes on the web today.image

    All I could find is an American programme called Virginia Farming.

    Not really a gardening programme, but it does have a bit about gardening in containers.

    Here is what else is in the programme...

    This week we’re talking about sour grapes—but a good kind! We visit Virginia Vinegar Works and learn how they make vinegar. Then, Chris Mullins shows us ways to garden in containers, From the Ground Up. We’ll also have the Ag Calendar, a Minute in the field video, and of course, the ag news of the week—all on this edition of Virginia Farming.

    Several garden programmes on various TV stations today, so I'm sure I'll have more tomorrow. image

    Keep warm, and have a good Sunday! image


  • Good morning everyone, image

    The thermomether outside tells me it's minus 6 at the moment.


    Some nice garden programmes on the web to watch today though.image

    RBB Gartenzeit has a new presenter.

    They are at  the "Grüne Woche" garden show, where they look at international trends, They also have items about mint, snowdrops, pruning fruit trees and shrubs and they look at parks and gardens in Brandenburg.

    MDR Garten has been to Italy to look at gardens near the Lago Maggiore.

    And Jardins et Loisirs was at the Observatoire du Monde des Plantes. Featured plant is Abies pinsapo "Glauca". They also had a look at a patio area. And they make a flower arrangement.

    Have a great day! image




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