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  • kleipieperkleipieper Posts: 563

    Good morning everyone, image

    Much cooler here in The Netherlands today, and rather windy. Lots of much-needed showers though as well.

    Here is today's web harvest.

    Master Gardening is all about maintenance this time.

    The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener is about compost.

    Garden Time has the following: This week we check out edible natives, boxwood blight, fairy and gnome gardens. We visit the Connie Hansen garden and get our house ready for painting.

    No Natur im Garten this week, and Landträume aired last night, but so far hasn't been uploaded.image

    Have a lovely day, whatever you're doing! image

  • kleipieperkleipieper Posts: 563

    Good morning everyone, image

    Another cool day here in The Netherlands, but a dry one after yesterday's rain.

    Two links today.

    Servus TV has uploaded the latest episode of Landträume after all. This one is about gardens in the Schleswig-Holstein region of Germany.

    And German regionall broadcaster WDR has a programme about an elderly couple who find that maintaining their garden is becoming increasingly difficult. They asked WDR's garden specialist to help them make the garden easier to maintain.

    Oops, seems I spoke too soon when I said it was dry here. It's just started bucketing down again. Ah, well, the garden can do with some more rain I guess.

    Have a good day! image

  • kleipieperkleipieper Posts: 563

    Good morning everyone, image

    A lovely sunny day here in The Netherlands.image And here are the latest links.

    Oklahoma Gardening had uploaded three new episodes. The first one has items about  -Planting Pumpkins in the Vegetable Garden with Ray Campbell
    -Creating a Windbreak on Your Property with Mike Schnelle
    -Making Planters from Children's Toys with Brenda Sanders
    -Managing Wood-Boring insects with Eric Rebek
    -Barbara Brown prepares a Strawberry and Asparagus Salad.

    This is in the second one...                                                                         -Vegetable Container Garden Update with Ray Campbell
    -Identifying and Controlling Squash Bugs
    -Unwanted Insects in Peach Trees
    Tips for Harvesting Rainwater
    -Four Most Common Fruit Tree Diseases in Oklahoma Orchards
    -Barbara Brown prepares Black Beans and Rice

    And this is in the third one...                                                                               -Using Rocks in the Landscape and the Basics of Constructing a Rock Garden with former host Steve Owens
    -Sand Water Cistern Project Update with Jason Vogel
    -Great Plants for Herb Gardens with former host Brenda Sanders
    -Garden Tips for July

    The latest episode of Landträume visits gardens on the Istria peninsula in Coatia.

    And Silence, ça Pousse! has also uploaded its latest episode.

    Have a lovely day! image


  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 14,809

    Thanks for posting the australian gardening programme link.

    That costa looks like a bear. The beard must be hot in that heat.

    You don't stop doing new things because you get old, you get old because you stop doing new things. <3
  • kleipieperkleipieper Posts: 563

    Good morning fidgetbones,

    Yes, that Costa guy looks interestingimage.

    They do often have really good practical advice on Gardening Australia though, which is as useful for us here as it is down under.

    I'll post the info about today's show in a minute.

  • kleipieperkleipieper Posts: 563

    Good morning everyone, image

    Another lovely summer day here in The Netherlands.

    Saturday today, and that means Gardening Australia. Here is what's in today's show.

    An Underground Network: Jane joins ecologist Alison Pouliot to explore the wonderful diversity of fungi and find out how they are integral to the health and vitality of gardens.

    Protecting Plants: Tino shows how to protect plants from the cold and frost.

    Clear the Competition: Sophie shows why it's important to keep weedy grass away from young trees.

    Will Work for Food!: Costa drops in on viewer Tracy Morgan to help with her ailing citrus plants and lend a hand with some jobs in the garden.

    Gorgeous Gums: Josh profiles some small eucalyptus species that are perfect for the home garden.

    Lumpy Lilly Pilly: Angus solves a lumpy lilly pilly question.

    A Taste of the Unusual: Jerry explores an impressive food garden that's introducing people to uncommon and easy to grow edibles.

    Programme should appear online around 12.00.

    The German Grünzeug has items about yest another German garden show, which plants to plant for bees, mediterranean vegetables, and art and nature.

    Landträume unfortunately hasn't been uploaded yet. Pity, because it showed gardens in Wales.

    I did find the final episode of that Dutch programme where they replace paved gardens with plants though.

    They also uploaded a special about green roofs. Apparently the city of Groningen here in The Netherlands gives grants for green roofs.

    Enjoy your Saturday! image

  • kleipieperkleipieper Posts: 563

    Good morning everyone, image

    Raining here in The Netherlands at the moment. Good for the garden though.image

    Only one garden programme today. This one is a German one where a "garden doctor" visits an allotment site to help the gardeners with all sorts of problems, mainly pests and diseases.,sendung398194.html

    Have a lovely Sunday! image

  • kleipieperkleipieper Posts: 563

    Good morning everyone, image 

    Cool and grey here in The Netherlands at the moment, but I'm not complaining, because a friend who lives in Nice just told me that temperatures don't even get below 27 during the night, phew.

    More gardening programmes on the web tday than yesterday.

    ARTE has what I think is the final episode of that series about historic gardens in eastern Europe. This one in Lednice-Valtice  is apparently the largest landscaped garden in Europe.

    French version here.

    RBB Gartenzeit is about summer flowering plants, how to look after your lawn, building a pond lined with clay, and the restoration of the Winzerberg.


    MDR Garten has items about tropical waterlilies, strawberry varieties for garden or container, garden books, sempervivums, gazanias and ribes alpinum.

    Jardins et Loisirs is in summer mode, so only some clips on the website.

    Have a lovely day, whatever you're doing! image


  • kleipieperkleipieper Posts: 563

    Good morning everyone, image

    Still cool, grey and wet here in The Netherlands.

    Two very fat baby blackbirds are sitting just outside the window here at the moment, screaming their heads off while their poor parents keep feeding them.

    Servus TV has finally uploaded the episode of Landträume about gardens Wales. One of them is Crug Farm.

    I also found a programme about permaculture on German broadcaster NDR.,naturnah697.html

    And Decouvertes Jardins has uploaded its July programme. Items about trachelospermum, topiary, lavender and a weird bit about what they call a garden on water.

    Finally a programme from ARTE about ticks and the diseases they can carry.

    French version here.

    Have a great day, whatever the weather! image



  • kleipieperkleipieper Posts: 563

    Good morning everyone, image

    Dry, but grey here in The Netherlands at the moment, and those pesky little blackbirds are still screaming for food. I feel sorry for their poor parents.image

    Here is today's harvest. First Garden Time. This is in this week's show.

    We visit a new lily festival near Portland, we found some great plants for the summer garden, there are tips for trees in containers, we make some blackberry jam and get our garden tips for the month.

    The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener has the following.

    Garlic harvest, using up old garlic, growing lemongrass in a container, and bug control ideas.

    German programme Querbeet has the following:

    Another garden show visit, flowers for bees, apricots, gerberas, and lavender, varieties and how to look after them.

    And Austrian programme Natur im Garten has finally uploaded its two latest shows on YouTube.

    I think these are the last in the season and they won't be back until 20 September.image

    In this episode they visit a rose garden inspired by English gardens and they have an item about soft fruits.

    And in the final episode they visit the garden of art historian Herbert Giese and have an item about watering.

    There should have been new episodes of Landträume on the web, but the site of Servus TV seems to have gremlins. The link to the episode about the Catalan region in Spain has a programme about the origins of man and yesterday's episode shows a black screen where the video should be.image I  hope they'll soon fix it.

    Have a lovely day, whatever you're doing! image


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