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Pleasing the birds as well as myself

I'm very tempted to plant a Tibetan Cherry (Prunus serrula) in the wilder end of my garden. I've searched online - everyone says it's beautiful, and I do love the bark - and I have found a couple of sites that say it does produce some fruits, but I'd like to please the birds as well as myself. Does anybody know if the birds will eat/be attracted to the fruits of this tree please?


  • I can't find anything mentioned directly, though given the habit of sparrows and finches to peck at anything even remotely fruit shaped, I'd imagine they would have a go. I did find a statement that they rarely set fruit in the UK though, so thaat mey be an issue.

  • PegletbeePegletbee Posts: 41

    Thanks Jimmy, I carried on looking, and found one site (can't remember which now) that said that it does produce fruits that birds like. Perhaps I'll treat myself and hope for the best but plant some other sure-fire treats for the birds as well.

  • If you have the space, plant a full sized Prunus Avium. The cherries taste awful so you won't mind the birds eating them! There's also dwarf container versions available too.

  • OldtykeOldtyke Driffield.Posts: 155

    Years ago on GW  Stephan B visited the Dorothy Clive garden in Staffordshire and talked about prunus serrula. We went and it took forever to find it, (it was near the entrance) You just HAVE to touch it, it's quite hypnotic.

  • PegletbeePegletbee Posts: 41

    Blimey - I remember Stephan Buczacki - that was a while ago. Yes it does look beautiful, which is why I fancy having one. And it's that bark I'm after Jimmy. There are a lot of wild cherries around here for the birds to go at and I don't have room for one either I'm afraid, but thanks for suggesting it. It is lovely having a virtually empty garden to fill - but the selection process is murder. So many lovely things - so little space!

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