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Magnolia and red acer - Cumbria lake district

a1154a1154 Posts: 1,058

Im currently in Ambleside and am bowled over by large numbers of huge magnoila trees in bloom - looking fabulous, all the white stand up tulip type, pinker at the base.

also very common here is a red acer, in full glory now.  I have seen these 2 together in combination now and i want the same thing. Im astonished they do fine is what must be a cold and windy lakeside setting, so i am hopeful if i get the right types they will do well in my cold and windy garden! 

so....anyone like to guess what varieties these might be so i can have a go at home? Or what are the strongest types of these two and the most likely to be OK in a windy spot?  I had previously thought acers were out, but i am encouraged to try now.


  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,953

    Can you post some pictures?  Both of the entire tree and a close up of the leaves.  It will help for identification.

    Utah, USA.
  • little-annlittle-ann Posts: 878
    If you are in Ambleside you could visit Holehird garden and find them all plants are labled there or you could go to Hayes garden centre and see if they have them or travel a bit and go to Holker gardens they are sure to have them in full flow again all plants are labled

    will they grow in you garden I don't know what type of soil you have or where you live
  • HCAHCA Posts: 129

    The magnolia is probably Magnolia campbellii, it is one of the toughest and there are lots of cultivars from deep red to white, you just have to take your choice.  They make a big tree.  The great advantage in choosing a cultivar is that they should flower much earlier than a seedling grown plant.

    The maple is more difficult and as Blue Onion says just about impossible to identify for sure without an image.  Even then it can be tricky.  Having said that Acer platanoides 'Crimson King'  is probably a good candidate, particularly as you say there are lots.  It makes a large tree and is often flowering (yellow flowers) as the new bronze/red leaves emerge.


    I also agree that Holehird is a beautiful garden and well worth a visit anytime.

  • a1154a1154 Posts: 1,058

    Hope these will do...




     Sorry, always seem to get them upside down(its an ipad thing)

  • HCAHCA Posts: 129

    Its okay I can stand on my head, lol! Okay wrong on both counts, I guess that is why images are so important.  The Magnolia is a Magnolia x soulangeana type and like M. campbelli comes in a variety of different colours.  It does not normally get larger than  around 10m x 10m.  

    The Maple is an Acer palmatum type probably something like Acer palmatum 'Atropurpureum'  However there are a large number of purple/red leaved cultivars.  If you are selecting one I would recommend you select one you like rather than a specific named cultivar.

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