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Silly plant names

WinniecatWinniecat Posts: 100

Now, don't laugh but are ther any other gardeners out there that call their plants by silly names. Yes, I'm an obsessive gardener but I do I get quite attached to certain plants, especially those I have grown from seed.

I have: Delphine the Delphinium,  Richard the Dicksonia, Roger the Rodgersia, Mary the pelargonium and of course, lots of tommy tomatoes.

Any other silly names out there?


  • LesleyKLesleyK Posts: 4,029

    Winniecatimage.  I've got a name for my creeping buttercups but can't really repeat it on hereimage.  Hairy bittercress goes by the name of Harry and I've got Dandini lions.  I think the weeds have taken over hereimage.

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