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Humming Bird Feeder

Does anyone use a humming bird feeder to help bumblebees?

This year I want to grow flowers to help them (also to help with pollination) but not sure which flowers just yet, I was thinking of getting a humming bird feeder but can't seem to find where they sell them in the UK,

I am up north in Accrington so there's no chance of getting one over here lol I don't have a garden just a medium sized back yard so I am limited on space. I will be building a raised bed with bricks, and a frame to put on top to use it as a coldframe later in the year, I have bought myself a new greenhouse (8ft/6ft)  but can't get on with building the base just yet because of the weather. Last year I used a plastic greenhouse (6ft/4ft) and plenty of growing in pots  image


  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,848

    Bumblebees are around pretty early in the year. Pulmonaria and the native deadnettles are good


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