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Seeds are up



  • lemonbalms up image waitin for the rest to show.
  • lisa69lisa69 Posts: 119

    Good morning all image.

    Wow you've all been so busy, I sat last weekend and ordered my seeds and was going to spend this weekend researching which ones needed a chill and I could sow.

    I'm so glad the days are drawing out but still very wary of the threatened snow so I think I'm going to wait a couple of weeks.  I made a few mistakes last year and was too late for most things and had some lovely toms but they never rippened so decided to keep a journal this year to make sure I keep notes (or try to) and learn by my mistakes.

  • My tomatos ars doing well. I had a look at loads of different pages and they said i was ok to plant in january. Even this site said do it between jan and march. They have slowed down so very happyimage
  • lisa69lisa69 Posts: 119

    Glad to hear it. 

    My neighbour is growing under light in his greenhouse and being a nosey parker lol I had to ask,, orchids that take 2 years to mature (I have to say I have greenhouse envy lol).

    Well I've dragged oout the seedling compost, vermiculite and perlite and I'm away larkspur need to chill and I have some granny bonnets so I'm getting wrapped up and going out to play image

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Sam-I know you won't believe me -but tomatoes-January for heated greenhouse, March for cold green house, April for growing outsideimage

    But good luck to you anywayimage

  • Hi sotongeoff. Its not that I dont believe you, im just having a go image Toms are in the house and will be for a while yet. Lisa, I have my Aguilegia sown and nothing yet but they do take a while. I have been given some larkspur but need to see when they are to be planted. Im quite enjoying it image
  • lisa69lisa69 Posts: 119

    I did read that larkspur need to be 'chilled' to germinate so sowing ahoy image

  • Ahhh. Cool. Thanks hun. Thats today sortedimage
  • nutcutletnutcutlet PeterboroughPosts: 26,160

    11.30 and I haven't even been out to check the greenhouse yet. Or fill the bird feeders. 

  • Ohhh you lazy monkey lol. Neither have Iimage
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