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Talkback: Spring blossom on fruit trees

My fruit trees have been in about 6 years and I have not yet had much fruit. This year when they have been smothered with blossom they were also covered in snow for 24 hours recently. Has this spoilt any chance of the fruit setting for this year?


  • You have fruit eating squirrels so do I. I harvested apple cores last year. They know how to avoid my nut baited trap. any suggestions?
  • I have found little gray bugs on my bay tree on the underside of the leaves. Can anyone tell me what they are and how i can get rid of them. Thank you.
  • The bugs are probably scale insect or just aphids. If scale insect they live in little hard grey shells under the leaves - scrape off with a finger nail or wipe with a soap based insecticide.
  • Chris - Squirrels are a pain and there is no foolproof way to stop them unless you feel like mounting a 24 hour guard - but they taste delicious.

    Jenny: The blossom should be okay. Snow is much less damaging than hard frost.

  • Sounds suspiciously like mildew to me. Powdery mildew is fungal but not fatal and can be controlled by taking good care of your plants.
  • Hi, I have bought some fruit trees from my local B&Q they'll have leaves just growing and are about 5/6 foot tall I have put them into huge pots so I can keep control of them better also my garden is mostly slabbed. Could u explain when they should blossom, as I have read that they should blossom now but all I have are shoots ad a few leaves thanks
  • Fruit trees have just finished blossoming and you should be able to see tiny fruits developing on the branches.
  • We have a very old apple tree, Blenheim Orange, which has blossomed, however, although the fruit is forming, the leaves around the blossom have turned a dirty brown and appear to be dead. Should I cut off all the affected areas or leave and see what happens.
  • I planted an apple tree about 3 years ago and was wondering if anyone knows when it will give fruit.
  • Hello Nina, regarding your question - your tree should have given you fruit at least in the second year of planting. Maybe you should think about planting another one which is a good variety and preferably self-fertile.
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