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hardy palms

I work in gardening in a small way - but this latest request is beyound my usual sphere of knowledge especially in N.Yorks !  Are there any small palms that will survive here?  The site is sheltered and south facing but there is not much depth of soil - so can anyone suggest any cultivars and the depth of soil/planting requirements etc. I would rather like to dissuade my client but seems much set on the project !


  • DekDek Posts: 3

    How about a chamaerops, but you would be better off planting in a big pot which they will be fine with.

    The cerifera (blue form of chamaerops) is hardier than the standard green but slower growing, again it is ideal for a pot.

    The Hardiest palm would be a Trachycarpus Fortunei, but it will grow much quicker than the previous mentioned and once settled in its spot will rocket.

    Neater looking is a Wagnerius, a cultivar of the fortunei but has much stiffer leaves so perfect for a windy spot. They are more expensive especially big specimens.

    I shouldnt think any palm would be happy in shallow soil, however a raised bed would be ideal if possible.

    Google Hardy Palms or Palm House, both are uk suppliers of palms and i can vouch for the quality. The palm house is possibly your best bet as George the owner grows them himself so they tend to be better suited to our cold weather,

    Palms from the likes of B&Q tend to be cheap right now, but you do get what you pay for.


  • Thank you, Dek, so much help - will take me some time to research this, I do value your knowledge am grateful for such a reply from a fairly obscure question

    Will Google your suggested links - B&Q not an option - money not much of a prob in this case

    Many thanks


  • DekDek Posts: 3

    No worries Louise, any more questions feel free to ask.

    I may be slow in replying, but i will eventually lol.


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