Health and safety!!

Sometimes I get really mad, then think there may be more resaon but I thought I'd post this -I hope- for others opinions. Its like Sam can't have a pond for hygiene reasons.



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    It's appalling. Doesn't it count as theft or invasion of privacy? Are you allowed to steal something from someone's property? Even if she was renting (I don't know) the property belongs to the renter for the period, even a landlord can't just march in without permission.

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    The trouble is with these stories they are weighted towards the aggrieved rather than giving a balanced view

    Honestly I feel council officials are given a hard time-reading the story other residents were suffering-but she carried on with no thought for others-despite being warned

    She ignored all that was sent to her-was told action would be taken and when it was gets a sob story in the papers leaving the council looking like the villains.

    Two sides to every story


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    No sympathy.  Golden rod is horrible and a thug too.

    The Vendée, France
  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 11,891

    The article said she received "a complaint" and a committee said she could keep the flowers and they dug them up when she was in hospital. It sounds pretty rotten even if you don't like golden rod. I rather like it.

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    That is the crunch- the "article"-how strictly true is the article?

    There are likely to be rules in place that she thought she could get away with and got found out-and this has been going on for 2 years-so plenty of time for her to deal with the matter

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    At first I was shockedand angry, then as I tried to say I felt there were 2 sides to story. Just potsed it to see reactions


  • I like Golden Rod, lovely for cut flowers. I can't seem to grow it in my garden, the slugs get it before it has a chance to grow to any size. They'll be digging the grass up next, isn't grass pollen a big problem?

    I am sure we never used to have so many allergy sufferers. Having said that my husband gets hay fever and I have recently started with it, we wouldn't ask for someone's plants to be dug up though.
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    Personally, I think the world has gone barking mad. If the garden had been a dumping ground, I could understand the complaint. But a plant! Should we remove all plants which could cause allergy problems or cut down all the 'problem' trees. I think not. Obviously made the little man feel like a grown up.
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    "Ah yes" Solidago, Golden rod, Lauren, goldenmosa, a plant by any other name, would you rather have that or fields of Rape seed in flower which can cause Asthmatics problems and seem to get nearer to housing year by year.
    Our back lanes are lit up by golden fields as far as the eye can see, they light the place up at midnight, do you think the Council would dig them up if I complain, after all they were all market gardens and meadows when I moved in 30 years ago?
    I even dig the stuff out of the borders and it is creeping along the bank sides of the beck along with many weeds although quite nice flowers brought with the trains when it was a Railway cutting. Luckily the same section has pears plums sloes elderberry and masses of blackberries so it is not all bad news.
    I remember a new neighbour looking over my fence and saying "Japanese Anemone I would not give it house room" it gave some little pleasure to tell him it had originally been in his garden crept under my fence and stayed.
    If people can neglect their gardens thus spreading weeds why tackle someone for planting flowers I ask.


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    Since this came up earlier- and with time to spare-have done a bit of "digging"-the property in question is here

    Which would seem to be a place for the older members of the community-who often as we know have health concerns

    and the patch would seem to be this

     Now whatever your views it would seem to be a small patch-but someone  complained-and as we don't know all the facts it is a bit unfair to describe someone "a little man"

    It would be interesting to know what her neighbours think -before condemning a decision and an official out of hand- again- without knowing all the facts.

  • Matty2Matty2 Posts: 4,820

    You certainly ave been digging Geoffimage

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    My neighbour doesn't even bother with council they just damage or cut any plants in my garden they don't like even to the point of chopping 5ft off my boundary hedge which my council simply ignored and told me it was domestic dispute (I must add we had been friends with our beighbours and I had kept the hedge neat and tidy, I wanted to keep it because of the wildlife here.)

    I can understand that plants and gardening is not everones cup of tea but surely a comprise of sorts could have been reached without taking such measures. Although if the lady ignored complaints etc I guess it reached that point. 

    Just a shame, one persons pleasure has been taken away when maybe it could have been changed for everyones enjoyment as it is a communal area.

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