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Talkback: Teeny tiny trees for small gardens

This is most interesting. After further research, I had realised myself that it was not such an easy question; I had to revise my spec. upwards to 5-6 metres. One plant I did buy was Cercis chinensis 'Avondale'. My garden is fortunately sheltered, so I will try to make space for the Albizia and/or Weinmannia. Thank you very much for your suggestions.


  • I've become the owner of a young grape vine planted in a large container in my greenhouse. The idea is to grow it as a single layer espalier. Trouble is I'm not sure when or how to prune. Currently the vine is around 18 inches tall, and has 6 tiny bunches of grapes. can anyone advise please?
  • What about a Kilmarnock Willow, fairly slow growing and I have never seen a huge one but then there are a lot of places still to visit!
  • I have just moved into a house with a lovely (if a little overgrown) small, established garden that has several healthy trees in it - I don't think there is enough space for anymore trees to be planted in the ground but there is a concreted area in the shade of the house where I would like to grow trees in containers. I guess that the smaller final size of the tree, the better it will do in a container - but if i intend to plant it on in 5-6 years, could i plant a bigger growing tree?
  • I've successfully managed to get three nice trees into a small garden without them dominating.
    I have a Prunus Cerasifera Nigra which has a five foot clear stem, the top is bushy but I prune out three year old branches, the simple pruning keeps it small.

    The other two are 'multi-stemmed' Acer sacharinum and Betula jacquemontii. The acer has four stems the Betula has five. The fact they are multi stemmed reduces the vigour and growth rate. If they get too big I'll resort to pruning.

    You could try Eucalyptus and 'pollard' it every couple of years.

  • Where has Monty Don gone?
  • I have a lovely sambucus nigra which i hard prune every year - it flowers profusely and stays quite small - approx 7ft.
  • What do I feed my grape vine with
  • I am going to try to move a tree from one section of my garden to another and as an amaturer gardener ( and a very bad speller) i would appreciate any advise
  • Do please consider the Acer Griseum, with gorgeous peeling maple bark and fantastic changing leaf colours throughout Spring/Summer/Autumn.I have a very small garden and so this tree that I bought mail order from a tree specialist at 3 feet has pride of place in the middle. This fulfils the garden plan in my mind of enticing the visitor to explore beyond the tree, which tends to hide the garden beyond. After 8 years it has reached a height of 9 feet and width, 5 feet. It is kept company around the roots by Sweet Woodruff and I love it to bits and thoroughly recommend it.
  • Not sure if this is the right place for this but I need some help. We have a weeping pussy willow (Salix Caprea Kilmarnock) and it has developed a brown growth, about the size of a tangerine, towards the top of the trunk. Can anyone give us any idea what it might be and how to deal with it?
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