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  • Hi there, this year I have encountered 2 problems in my veg patch :

    1 - I sowed my carrots, beetroot and parsnip directly into the ground back in early April. They have just started to come up and with them an absolute plethora of horsetail weeds, not just in between my rows but right through them. I am worried the weeds will choke and stagnate my veg seeds ! Should I clear the patch and start again ? Is there still time to do this in mid may ?

    2 - I planted my asparagus crowns back in mid april and they have shot up and have got really tall and stringy looking ! I have earthed them up but they look like they are going to flower ! Is this normal ? Is it true that I dont harvest until next year ?

    Kind Regards, David

  • We have taken on an allotment this year and I am uncertain of how many of each plant to try for. For example how many courgette plants does a family of 5 (3 little children)need? We don't eat them every day! I've planted loads in pots and am thinking perhaps the children should sell some to friends. HELP!!
  • hi, i am having trouble with my courgettes this year, i've had the usual battle with slugs and snails but i have now found what looks like maggots on two of the plants. Does anyone know what they are and how can i deal with them as they are killing my plants which are otherwise doing fine with lots of flowers and courgettes growing
  • When is the best time to take lavender cuttings?
  • HELP- Ive grown 40 butternut squash plants from a squash we had for dinner(!)afew weeks ago. The plants are all about 1ft to 18 inches tall and starting to bud. Will they produce fruit or do I need to introduce a plant from another source to pollinate them.
  • Does anyone know if adding seaweed granules to soil changes the soils pH. I have it around 7pH at the moment for my veg patch by using a mix of homemade compost and mushroom compost.

    I heard it helps keeps slugs at bay - I would try beer but traps but I had to keep rescuing my father : D
  • My children and I have planted veg for the 1st time this year but it looks like some of our carrots are going to flower can you tell me what this means.
  • I recently saw an article about turning horsetail into a natural plant food/fertiliser - I can't remember where I saw it and can't remember the recipe. Can you help?
  • Hi, I'm also a first time gardener and i want to ask you if I can sow cucumber seeds now. I know it's late. And how much will it take for a cucumber plant to start producing fruits ?
  • Please tell me what seeds are safe to sow now?
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