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dull choisa

Hi guysimage I have 3choisa one amongst the trees quite bright yellow but the other two in the light have this spring grown dull .next to one of them there is a pierus looking drab too even if in flower . What do you suggest?  I don't think they are dying but not happy.


  • Thanks Verdun will think about moving but choisa quite established what would you feed with and when should I move pieris cos it's in flower at mo.?

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    Give it a good general purpose food such as blood, fish and bone and some well rotted garden compost and/or horse manure in its planting hole and backfill mixture and as an annual mulch in autumn.    

    For an occasional tonic to help the foliage stay looking good water all over the plant with a solution of 1 tbs/15ml of Epsom salts dissolved in 1 gallon/5 litres of water.  Sprinkle on using the rose on the watering can so it can be absorbed directly by the leaves.   This is a good tonic for all evergreen plants but for ericaceous plants be sure to use rain water if your tap water is hard.

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  • thanks guys ????off to the chemist as we speak
  • Can any of you identify the trees with white flowers that we are seeing on the Giro d'Italia? It's driving me crazy because the film crew on the helicopter keeps blurring the details just when a clear focus almost appears.

    Thanks in anticipation.

    Pat English

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  • Aren't you watching the giro?

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