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I'm not sure where to put this thread so here goes. I would like a water feature in the garden and have two Belfast sinks. My local council has told me that I cant have a pond as its a health risk so I sold everything I had for mine last winter. I have now decided that I would like a feature in the garden. Is a Belfast sink too small? Will the water become stagnant? Should I used a solar panel pump thingy? I have no electric down in the garden but would love to have moving water in it. Any suggestions, advice and help will be gratefully received.



  • Sam,

    I'm amazed at your Council's opinion. What is the perceived health risk and are there particular circumstances to do with your proposed pond? Is this a council-owned house?


  • How is your garden pond a health risk Sam?

  • I asked the very same question. They told me they hold bacteria and disease. I couldnt believe it. They actually came round 3 months later to check i had not put one in
  • lisa69lisa69 Posts: 119

    Hi Sam

    Your sinks should be fine if they are the ones on the piccy of your home made arch?  There is loads to read about water gardening and I'm sure someone here is better uinformed than me but if you put the right plants in it wont become stagnant there should be no real need to move the water.  You can buy some lovely miniature water liles and grasses.

    Thinking about it tho i remember you said you had a blind friend and there is nothing better than the sound of water in the garden, my only advice would be to check out the 'solar powered' pumps becaused nothing solar powered works in my garden usually as we never have enough sun.

    Have a look at this, might give you some ideas with out added bacteria image

  • What is your council on? a pond is no more a hazard than anything else.You will need to change the water frequently (other wise it will go stagnant) or a pump.image

  • I'm in a council house since I came off the farm Joe the gardener. Lisa, Its is the very same sinks, yeah. That's great. Thanks. Tell me about it flowering rose, but I am the only one in the area that seems to look after their garden. Then the guy said 'You cant have a pond but we will allow you to have 2 goats and up to 8 chicken' I thought, god, I get them...and I wont have a garden lol

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,302

    That's pretty unbelievable. Lots of council house gardens have ponds round here. If they've been to check perhaps you can instal one now.

    In the sticks near Peterborough
  • That was my thoughts exactly Nutcutlet image

  • lisa69lisa69 Posts: 119

    We had a pond in our council house garden before we moved, the only thing our council stipulated was that the house and land was put back to how it was before we moved in.

    Our neighbour isn't allowed to have a pond but she is child minder, this i can understand but the reason they have given you seems silly really, surely there is more bacteria and disease in your waste bin!

    Maybe you could find a small, hidden patch in your garden, maybe near your ash trees image


  • Lol, I am working out now where I can stash one hehe. They are just on a power trip I think to be honest.

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