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I'm in my late thirteens and I have been running a gardening channel on YouTube for over a year teaching many people loads of gardening tips and techniques. It's doing well and I've managed to get a load of new people into this great hobby for some, a job for others. I'm still trying to get more people to take a look and join the community I'm not trying to sell anything, just wondering if some of you would like to check out dozens and dozens or organic gardening videos and I've made the channel just to inspire anyone in to gardening organically. Here's my site: I can't wait to take more of a look around,thanks for everyones time and a happy new year!


  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,790

    Well done. You do mean 13s not 30s don't you? It's great to great young people involved. My daughter is a primary school teacher and she managed to borrow a little bit of land from the council next to her school and she got the children to make a bed and sow flowers and veg in it.

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  • Yeah I mean 13's, thanks and that is a wonderful idea with that and children, I remember my primary school was a bit like that with an after school gardening club, happy new year!

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