Cucumber how to grow

Hi again please could I have yor tips on growing cucumber in a glass house please and the best one thank you


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    Tried for first time last year. Absolute disaster.image then bought from a stall at church and it turned out to be a marrowimage

    Would love to read your sensible replies


  • What types of cucumber do you want to grow of several basic types.

    Harry Dobson,Bernard Lavern are good sources about growing cucumbers.
  • Well sweet ones I tryed last year but failed don't know lot bout how to grow them eny tips please be use full
  • A variety name might help
  • I can't remember jest need to know how to grow a friend siead to build a pyramid so the warter drains away and not hold
  • Jason, for the last 2 years I have grown Passandra in a greenhouse. I grow three plants and they are hugely prolific - fortunately we love cucumbers!

    After germinating in pots I plant them into the greenhouse bed about 18" apart. They grow tall so need supporting with canes and tying in. I use 12" lengths of pipe (about 30mm diameter?) sunk down towards the roots for watering as cucumbers don't like having their stems wetted. Outdoors I grew marketmore for the first time. It was a later producing crop, not hugely abundant but satisfying considering the weather we had.

    What did you grow this year?

  • Jason could you repeat you last post again in english
  • Well I can't remember but if u have a name for me that u grow I'd be grateful thank you and the easiest to grow
  • I'm trying to find out the best way to grow cucumber s
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    Jason-are you using an I-phone by any chance- you messages are a bit incoherentimage

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