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My Best Ever Christmas Pressie

This year (2012) we have cut down drastically on the amount of coffee we drink which means that I have had much less spent coffee grinds for use in the compost bin etc.  So, for Christmas, my hubby has arranged that I can take spent coffee grinds regularly from our local Starbucks. Every week they will bag up as many kilos as required so that I can add to and boost the compost, best of all it is all foc.  Can I dig coffee grinds also directly into the ground or use it just for the compost?



  • Um all I know is is its great for keeping slugs away from hostas and other vulnerable plants by putting it liberally around the base...dont know about composting...sorry!! Anything on your local council website?? Usually advice on there image

  • Aha  found this Les...its in the advice should still be OK image


  • Slug repellent, I did not know that...this gets better, thanks also for the info MW196

  • you can use tea or coffee for the compost ,the tannin in tea is very good for my camilia ,image

  • steephillsteephill Posts: 2,590

    Grounds are much less effective than coffee for detering slugs, it is the caffeine that kills them and that has all gone into the brew. Fine for composting though.

    Coffee cannot be recommended as a pesticide of course, no matter how effective, as it is not licenced for that application. But you have to dispose of that cheap instant coffee you keep making but never drink somewhere, don't you? image

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    I have got spent coffe grounds before now from starbucks in Peterborough; I understood that it makes the compost more acidic which is good for my veg bed which is v. alkali.

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