Campanula flowers are dying off???

I bought seven Campanula plants last month and they have been planted in the ground as a boarder. I have noticed that the flowers on three of them have started to shrivel up and they look a bit drab. I am no 'Green fingers' and would love some help.I have no over watered them and they are located in sun/partial shade. Am I correct in thinking these type of plant should flower all summer?

Thank you in advance.


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    do you know what variety of campanula. It may just be that the plants have been in a warm greenhouse meaning they flowered early. When outside the frosts have probably just damaged the flowers. I grow several variety of campanulas and non are in flower yet,

  • The sort you buy in flower at this time of year are often not hardy - mine are growing well but none are anywhere near flowering.

    I'd leave them be and see what happens - if they don't pick up you know where the compost heap is!

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    Oh sounds sad to put them in a compost bin .I am disabled and already struggle to do bit of gardening .so it's upsetting wen they die and u look after them .any tips please how to care for them please 

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    None of the Campanula I know, would be in flower yet. If they are it would suggest that they may have been raised in a hot house, in which case they might not do well planted out in a cold early Spring.

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  • jubull58jubull58 Posts: 2

    Oh thanks I appreciate it comment x

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