what are the best

Hi could eny body tell we what are the best tasting tomatoes plants to grow please As I have jest started up


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    For growing under glass?-heated or unheated?-or for growing outside?

  • I myself like the cherry tomatoes .

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    I think the sweetest cherry one is Sungold by Thompson and Morgan and I like Dona for a big one. Apart from that it's hard to say because I live in France and the varieties are different. I grow both inside and out, but the Sungold sometimes cook in the greenhouse when it's very hot here in July and August! But I don't suppose that's an English problem. The very best tasting tomato I ever tried was Ananas which is Pineapple in English but it was a sorry looking plant with only 3 fruit.

  • I grew Sungold this year for the first time (in a greenhouse) and it is indeed incredibly sweet - will grow again this year. As the panto dame says, need to know about more about your planting options (oh yes we do image)

  • Thank you all for yor tips
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    Eh-but Jason you have not answered the crucial question-where are you growing these?image

  • I don't have any luck with toms they ripen to late or die offimage what am I doing wrong.?
  • I'm growing in glass house
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    Tracey are you growing outside?-always in the lap of the gods

  • Nop in garden
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