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Watterlogged soil, everything rotting



  • Lizzie27Lizzie27 Posts: 10,790

    Thanks nutcutlet, I was going to do just that today  but guess what - it's been raining hard!   As the forecast is for dryer weather, I might just wait and see.

    To Busy-Lizzie, from another, you're right we could get confused, I'll see if I can change my sign in name.

    North East Somerset - Clay soil over limestone
  • blueberry77 wrote (see)

    Thanks for the suggestions. It's not a big space and I like to grow mostly veg, herbs, cottage garden flowers. There is a very slight slope so maybe I should just write off the end where it has puddled the worst.

    Would it help if I put a load of straw down to soak up the water at the wettest part - then compost the straw when it starts to rot down ?

    Build raised beds. It will not solve the drainage issues but will help the veg, herbs and flowers etc to grow as their roots are raised out of the worst. I use old pallets, stain them and they are strong and as you add soil it works well and is productive. You can easily flatten them if the owner wants them removed.

  • The garden already is a raised bed (not built by me). But there is very lttle drainage underneath. I've tried to build it up a bit, but as said in OP am very limited as to what can be done. Will just have wait for it to dry out and get some pots meanwhile.

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