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Yellow patches on lawn

I have recently noticed 3 round yellow patches on my lawn? I have one dog but the lawn is fenced off. Does anyone know what this could be or how I can treat this?


  • Well if its not your dog(you can use tomato juice to stop this,that is what I have been told but how?do you make the dog drink it or do you pour it on the lawn) it might be local wildlife or a fungi ,hopefully not honeyfungus.

  • How big are the patches and how yellow?  What is the growth of the grass like?  Is there any thatch, weeds or moss (sorry not casting aspersions on your lawn image) and are you absolutely positive that no bitch has been able to pee on your lawn lately?

    Do you have foxes visiting your garden?  A vixen's urine will cause yellow patching too.

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  • discodavediscodave Posts: 510

    If the lawn is fenced off then it's unlikely that its your dog... I have a bitch that uses the lawn toilet but she loves tomatoes so she gets one daily. I agree with the Dove it could well be foxes. 

    Check out this onfo:  

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