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Talkback: Plant supports for beans and sweet peas

Cool another example doing things the old fashion way. netting on frame is better option for peas since it allows more efficient use of space.


  • Sorry but after years of picking up and trying to salvage the many "wigwams" I've built for peas and beans i took the advice of a fellow allotment holder (of some 92 years) and drove in some 6 foot stakes, fence wired between them and now i can pick from both sides with ease and haven't had any more downfalls - from the prevailing coastal winds which we experience in our neck of the woods. As old George used to say "leave wigwams to the red Indians"!!
  • Wigwams are great for those of us who have no transport to the allotment, and can't lug 6foot stakes around.
  • I am hoping your expertise can help me I have a problem with my peas which were supported by 6ft stakes but have now outgrown them and are becoming top heavy and breaking down at the top. There are quite a few fruit bearing flowers which I fear may now die, no low down flowers. What is the best thing for me to do now - does anyone have any ideas and was I supposed to do something to stop them becoming too tall (must be in excess of 10ft)? Many thanks in advance for any advice.
  • I have grown runner beans for many years, but this year the flowers are falling off before the beans are formed. This is very disapointing, is there anything that can be done?
  • Need some help my runner bean pods are begining to die back and turn brown. This has only started to happen in the last 2-3weeks and only on young pods any ideas?
  • Our runner beans have been a complete failure this year. The plants struggled to get going and then we assume the birds nipped the flower heads off before they could develop. We have never had this problem before. We've done well with broad beans, potatoes, courgettes though.
  • I bought 2 healthy looking courgette plants to start me off in my new greenhouse but the flowers keep falling off! What am I doing wrong?!
  • Hi you could try the ones used by Carole Kline on the BBC Gardeners World TV program.They are called spiral plant supports,Also they sell one for climbing plants they are called twister plant supports I have both sets they are just great.You can buy these at the babyllon web site.
  • I made a wigwam the same as Pippa's but i grew a clematis up it with sweet peas and lilies below! They are coming like mad! I also have lots of seeds germinating in my Greenhouse!
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