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Talkback: Underplanting of daffodils

My Daffodils started flowering in the second week of January and just finished 2 weeks ago. I've never known them to be so early or last so long I live in mid west coast of Scotland has anyone else experienced this. My flowering Cherry is a pink blossom and has just started to show buds so no chance of having the lovely show of cherry blossom and daffodils together. I've just replanted the garden with perennials so at least the cherry blossom will cheer me up while I wait for the summer show


  • Under- planting with white daff's reminded me that i have lots of bluebells around an old apple tree, looks great but have noticed i have some white bluebells, can this be right?
  • Not only have the daffodils lasted for months this year, I had primroses out on Christmas Day and they are still producing loads of flowers!
  • It's not quite on the same scale, but I have something similar in my garden. We moved into a brand new house/garden 18months ago and the first garden I created was a white garden to compliment the white blossom on the cherry tree planted by the builders. Right now the blossom is looking stunning and the white daffodils set it off beautifully. I've also resolved to buy more white daffodil bulbs and plant this autumn to make even more impact next spring.
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