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I have a well developed grape vine in my greenhouse I've never tended to one before it has lost all its leaves for the winter do I just leave it alone do I water it through the winter of feed it at all it is planted into the ground.If it is to be pruned when would I do it and how ?????


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    How lucky you are - I've  not had a grapevine for years - I planted one last summer but I have a while to wait until it becomes established.  I'm deeply envious.

    There are several different ways of training a grapevine, so you need to have a look at yours to see which way yours has been trained - then you'll know how to care for it.  That being said, if it's an indoor dessert grape it's likely to have been trained on the cordon system  and this will give you plenty of advice.  If your vine is well established I'd scroll down to the Year Three Onwards section, and start with the December instructions, then back up to Year Three Onwards January etc. 

    Good luck image

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  • Thank you Dove xxx
  • I have a grape vine that has plenty of flowery buds, it is 3 years old and never any grapes.  what am I doing wrong?


    Marjorie Godfrey

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    Is it planted in the ground or in a pot, Marjorie?

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    Hi. Just for interest this. I have a mature Vine growing outdoors against the back South wall of the bungalow. It is treated entirely as ornamental and apart from keeping it trimmed back during the growing season it is left to just get on with it. Love that foliage and the now very gnarled stems - each year it produces a  number of dark sweet but small bunches of grapes - these the Blackbirds love in due course. No attempt is made to produce bigger fruit - as I said it is ornamental only. Will send a pic of it.

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    Hi. Those pics. Some outer leaves are quite large, this one







    Leaf shown is 11 in across and 13 in depth. Bunch of grapes forming. The Vine looking very happy and healthy.

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    hi i got a little grape vine i bort it with fruit for 8 pounds it was on offer but i planted it in  one of my green house put dont no how to lookafter it



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    Grape vines are very strong growers and need to be controlled or they will take over the whole greenhouse. The weblink from Dovefromabove at the top of the page tells you how the pro's do it. On that page there is also a link to training your vine into a standard which works well in a small greenhouse.

    Do you know how old your vine is? I would suggest cutting off all but one of the fruit clusters this year to help the vine build up its strength first.

    Do you know what variety you have? Knowing this will help you understand when the fruit will be ready and whether it is an eating variety or more useful for wine.

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    thanks for that i carnt remember the name of itand it is better eaten


    thanks allot


  • A tiny grape plant, grown from a seed by the grandchildren, was put, in its' pot, behind the tomato plants in the greenhouse in spring.  It has become enormous!  Still in its' 6in pot, I have no idea what to do with it.  Please Help!



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