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Talkback: Goldcrest encounter

Hi Kate I saw a Goldcrest last winter on the golf course when walking my Dogs,It was in a gorse bush very distinctive yellow markings on there heads,I hope you have a Happy Christmas and New Year.



  • One flew into my window with a loud bang and then sat in the window box for half an hour before flying off. I had time to take photos and identify it.
  • We get them in our garden in Ireland too, which is urban-ish. Lovely, lovely little birds.
  • When i was out riding on the Mendips we came across a flock of either goldcrest or goldfinches,they were making alot twittering like finches flyling in a group in among the pine trees ,I have never seen them like that before,a lovely sight.
  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591

    Oh, Kate, i hope you have a pair there and can catch site of the babies in the spring. We have them in the Bristol Botanic Garden and the babies are like bumblebees in size. Although the adults love the tops of the conifes, the babies like to buzz around the yew hedges. And buzz they do - they are really fast but the mother is always nearby keeping an eye on them. I just love them and how does such a tiny bird have such a loud song? Happy Xmas.

  • Thanks for all your comments! I really hope I catch sight of them again. Merry Christmas to you all and a very Happy New Year.

    Kate x x

  • One of the highlights for me is the walk to work and down a tree lined avenue in Worthing I am greeted by a variety of birds including chaffinch; great tits; blue tits; robins and the aforementioned GOLDCRESTS. I always carry a monoscope I got off ebay for a tenner in my pocket to get a closer look. It is surprising what close up views you get get.
  • DaintinessDaintiness EssexPosts: 977

    While attending a wedding reception in August at the Ulster Folk Museum, N. Ireland something fluttered by. Several guests stopped to stare. I intially thought it was a butterfly but as it landed on the deep windowsill of the building, I could clearly see it was a young Goldcrest - delightful!

    I have them in my own garden in Essex - suburban. I can usually hear them in the summer but not see any but at this time of year I can see them in the hawthorn hedge or holly tree looking for food. I have yet to get a photo as they move so fast!

  • I ussually see Goldcrest every winter but not this year. Someone told me that 1,000s

    [maybe millions] of birds perished flying the channel to UK in a major storm baqck in the autumn. They were landing on boats, trawlers, etc, resting and then taking off again.

    I am in awe of small birds flying so far anyway, they would certainly not have a chance in really bad weather.

    I have not seen the usual wrens either.

    The Bird Count will be intresting this winter and not in a good way!

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