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Talkback: Garden butterflies

I love butterflies - and on my birthday 16th April the most beautiful peacock butterfly visited my garden - as if by invitation!


  • love butterflies nice article
  • With the lovely weather just now I found quite a few butterflies visiting out garden - but I will make sure that I get more plants to encourage them even more!
  • I have left a large area in my garden border full of large stinging nettles to try to encourage butterflies and other wildlife. However they are getting really large and are pushing other plants out. Can I cut them back now without depriving the butterflies, or should I leave them for a bit longer? I will have to thin them out eventually.
  • I am lucky enough to be employed as a Nature Conservation Officer for the local authority here in Spalding, Lincolnshire. I run a small nature reserve on the edge of town (The Vernatt's LNR) I was sitting sharing a well earned cuppa with one of my volunteers over two weeks ago (early/Mid April)and we were contemplating clearing a particularly thick area of bramble beside the steps on which we were sitting. The sun was quite strong and we were both surprised and amazed to see two Comma butterlies crawl from deep in the thicket, spread their wings and dry themselves out before flying off an hour later. The thicket is still there :-)

    Since then the occasional sunny spells we get here on the Fens have been thick with Commas, Peacocks, Brimstones and various whites. Not seen any of the blues yet, but still time. Thanks for the blog, useful source of information and entertainment.

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