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Hi, This is my first time of asking any question. Is it possible to plant misletoe myself, and if it is how do i do it, looking forward to an answer. from Cedric.



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    No-you cant plant it in the conventional sense-it is a parasite and grows in trees-you can often see mistletoe now, high up in leafless trees

    To get it to grow is quite a hit and miss affair-this probably explains it better than I can


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    Hi ChrissieB i just looked at the how to grow site, the missletoe is a must to try  for the future, cheers for that Alan

  • Alan4711Alan4711 Posts: 1,657

    Should have said  Santa Monoica sorrimageimage Alan

  • sotongeoffsotongeoff Posts: 9,802

    Alanimage-it was meimage

    EDIT-You've noticed nowimageimage

  • if you are like my late father in law,you have an old apple tree to which you place a couple of mistletoe berries into a slit in the bark and bingo you have if your lucky a bunch of kissing boughs,of course you have to squeeze the berries a little,that's how they stick to the tree.imagegood luck.

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    I've had several goes at mistletoe but no luck yet. One of the problems is that those white Christmas berries aren't ripe. Even when I sent for them at the right time from an ad I saw in a garden magazine, no go. but that was one of the hottest summers for a while and they probably dried out. I haven't given up the idea.

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  •  Mistletoe can be grown by simply squashing a berry onto a host tree, usually an apple tree but you can do this on around 200 species of tree. But be aware that mistletoe is a parasite and can damage or kill the host tree if over colonised.

  • Apples best but i often wonder if silver birch or beach would be good as they are hosts to many fungi.
  • I remember hearing that different strains of misletoe grow best on specific trees - i.e. if  your misletoe grew on an apple tree then the seeds should be 'planted' on an appletree.  If it came from a poplar then it will grow best on poplar.

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