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I thought I would have a go at growing Jacaranda as bonsai specimens. I got the seed to germinate easily and had about 20 little plants which did well over the summer. I knew they were Mediterranean plants, so they would have to stay indoors overwinter. The autumn began badly for them, with a bad attack of greenfly in the room where they were so I put them outside for a brief period, and sprayed them with a low dose of mild detergent. After a few fairly mild days of wind and rain the greenfly had gone, so I brought them indoors again. Ah, but they seem to have got the message that winter had started already, and all withered and wilted - or at least I am hoping that was the cause. Basically, never having been to the Mediterranean, I don't even know if Jacaranda should die down for the winter, and even if they should, whether they should do so after such brief, early autumn exposure to the elements. The other horrible possibility is (of course) that they might be super sensitive to detergent. I've never had a plant die from the concentration or brand that I used before, but the leaves did seem very fine, fern-like and sensitive. Could somebody who knows these plants put me out of my misery and tell me if I have killed the poor things off??

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