growing onions from plants

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I regularly sowed onion seed over xmas holidays with good results.  However, over past couple of years I have used sets.  sets are ok but not really as good, I think.  I have now ordered onion PLANTS to be delivered in early spring.  Im hoping they will be as good as my seed sown ones but better than sets.  not too bothered really about growing huge onions but i understand plants are usually stronger, healthier and more resistant to bolting etc., than sets.  Buying plants will save me the bother of sowing seed, etc.  opinions please? 



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    It depends on how much they cost you and how much bother you attach to sowing seedsimage

    There is just something a bit more satisfyng about growing something from start to finish is how I would look at itimage

    Not sure about the bolting theory image

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    I always grow sets, except once when the GC ran out of red onion sets so I bought plants. I think they were Red Baron. I didn't notice any difference at all in the result. I think onions must like it in France as they usually grow very well. I plant sets in early April and they are ready before the end of July and they keep until the following early summer.

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    Chunky thumbs to day Verdun?-guessing £3 plus for seeds- £9 plus for plants?image

  • Geoff I can't keep up with your aliases! image

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    Everyday a new one-but still none of my disguises fool anybodyimage

  • To be frank a lad in I can only tell by the number of forum posts!! image

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