I have just established a narrow, raised north-facing border against a wall. It gets the sun in the morning and evening at this time of year. Good topsoil and , I hope godraining age. Any suggestions for climbing or perennial plants, please?



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    ...sorry , that should have said 'good drainage'!

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    Some Clematis and climbing roses will tolerate a north wall although the latter still require some sun, perhaps not the hottest part of the day but it does depend on type of shade

    climbing hydrangea is great in dense shade but it's beefy when it settles in

    Can't go wrong with ferns for most soils, hostas,  especially blue ones but they are hungry fellas , euphorbia for all heights and sizes and also hercheras give amazing colour 

    Many woodland plants and bulbs if the seasonal changes are what blocks light 

    I'm no expert but the above has worked for me 

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    Thank you for your suggestions, which are different to those I thought of.

    it was good to think of seasonal variation as well....

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    I have winter honeysuckle, and Chocolate Vine on my north facing wall,  Foxgloves although not climbers can also give height.

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    I have 2 clematis on a north wall, Jean Paul II, which was amazing last year and Perle d'Azur which grows on a north wall in Sissinghurst garden.

    As for perennials, Wintersong has given a good selection, I would add Brunnera Jack Frost and Pulmonarias.

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    Primulas too and hakonechloa grass.  I have hellebores in a north facing bed that gets some sun form April to September but none at all from October to March.

    Mine is a damp bed so also astilbes, stilboides, ligularia, chelone, hostas big and small, Japanese anemones, ferns but for your raise dbed you could also try snowdrops, lily of the valley, daffs, pûlmonaria, aquilegia, hemerocallis, hardy fuchsias, bergenia.  

    Good roses would be Falstaff, Golden Showers, New Dawn all of which repeat.   Any number of clematis will love it as long as you feed them generously every spring with proper clematis food.

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    Sarcococca does well; although it prefers deep shade it will thrive in places such as yours which get morning or afternoon sun...just make sure it doesn't get too dry.  Solomon's seal is another good plant.  I also like jasmine (nudiflorum) and skimmia japonica works too.  Depends how big your area is, but I had an aruncus that was absolutely stunning at my last place - 2 m x 1.5 m and these amazing racemes of white/cream flowers.  That had sun only from around 3.30 p.m. in the summer but never failed.

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    Lovely lot of suggestions. I already have some hostas and have split some acorus grass to see how that gets on. I do need to establish some height, so the above are very useful. The bed is not that wide except at the corners where it does get more sun.

    i like the idea of ferns in the most shady part, and jasmine would be great, but that's going to need sun.

    i'll let you know how I get on. Thanks All.

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    I have a long shady border - several varieties of Clematis alpina are very happy there, flowering their socks off at the moment image

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    Good to know about Clematis Alpina. Just the ticket!

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