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when to sow

granmagranma Posts: 1,835

When is the best time to sow meconopsis blue poppy and any tips please? 


  • darren636darren636 Posts: 666
    About October time.

    This gives them winter to help germination.

    They might need a few weeks in the fridge to break their dormancy if you sow now.
  • KhakibosKhakibos Posts: 23

    imageI have been - touch wood - quite lucky so far. This is one plant I really want to thrive in my garden. I've only ever seen photo graphs as well, its not like I saw the flower in my garden centre and fell in love with it. Anyway I digress image

    Last year I had ordered some plug plants - the leaves turned black within a few days and the whole lot died. I then ordered seed, and when the packet arrived, I chucked the packet in my ''gardeners junk corner'' and forgot about it. So - sorting out what to plant this year, I sprinkled the whole packet across three tiny pots, thinking that oh whatever, they wont come up anyway. This was the end of April - I think every seed in the pack germinatedimageimage

    The seedlings are looking strong, albeit a bit crowded, because I'm to scared to do anything with them. I have a shady corner in my garden ready for planting out, which gets some morning sun, and is protected from wind. I have dug out the soil, and replaced with a mix of manure and Ericaceous compost.

    I hope I post a picture of some blue flowers at some point - its all about positive thinking



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