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wildflower panting

Morning guysimage lovely and sunny but cool I am going to make the wildflower/cutting patch bigger but it means removing lawn/grass area could I cut turfs and just turn upside down and scatter seed or will the grassroots compete with the new seeds?

Sorry have edited to wildflower planting they are definitely not panting(that's meimage)


  • jpsbcfcjpsbcfc Posts: 50

    i would say the grass will overpower the seeds, if it was me I would cut the turf and use it somewhere else

  • Dave MorganDave Morgan Posts: 3,123

    You need poor soil for a good wildflower patch, so remove the turf and use elsewhere, then remove the top six inches of soil.Dig up some subsoil from somewhere else in the garden and add grit and sharp sand. Wildflowers hate good soil, so the worse you make it the better, and get a decent seed mix from a specialist supplier, they do far better than the stuff you buy off the shelf. I create quite a few for customers and they are, if done properly, hard work, but ultimately worth it as they can be better than any manicured garden, especially in the second year.

  • Thanks Dave it is my project for tomorrow , I started last year and have clipped off some of the dead bits over the weekend took out the dandelions because they are profuse in the garden and I don't need to cultivate them ,the only flowers at the moment are pink nettles image I know they are strictly weeds but are so pretty.

  • I have a little part of a border for wildflowers and when they are flowering they are really pretty!! 

  • I hope mine grows well this year so I can show it on garden picsimageimage

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