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Could anyone suggest any good dwarf apple and pear tree's please, pref suitable for a family of six's varied tastebuds! Thanks


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    The size of the tree doesn't depend on the variety, but on the rootstock onto which it has been grafted, so what I suggest you need to decide are the types of  apples and pears you and your family enjoy eating.  Then investigate the varieties of trees available to buy and grow in the UK.

    Another thing you will have to bear in mind is that most apples will need at least one other apple of the same pollination group nearby, and the same goes for pear trees.  Even those described as self fertile will crop better with an appropriate pollinator nearby.  

    The next thing you need to decide is whether you want to grow your trees in open ground as free-standing trees or as cordons or espaliers along a fence - if you're limited for space you can grow more trees this way but you have to be prepared to learn about and carry out the right sort of pruning -  or whether you want to grow them in containers.

    As I said earlier, fruit trees are grafted onto different rootstocks which determine the size the tree will grow to.    

    Once you've decided what type of apples and pears you want to grow, contact a good supplier and talk to them about the size of tree you need and they will advise you about what you need.

    Two good suppliers are http://www.orangepippin.com/  and http://www.readsnursery.co.uk/ both of these firms will be only too willing to help you.  

    Other fruit tree suppliers are available!  image


    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
  • I have  a coxs orange pippin,which is not a very big tree,and I keep it pruned to shape,it has lovely rosy apples in and around Sept .image

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    A Cox's Orange Pippin on a non-dwarfng rootstock can reach 5m+ in height when between 5-10 years old.  image

    See the table here http://www.orangepippintrees.co.uk/apple-trees/coxs-orange-pippin


    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
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