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frosted jade plant

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Dear all,

my husband has left his previous 15years old Jade plant, Crassula ovata out in the frost for the last couple of days, only get upset when seeing them go soggt n lifeless this mrning.

Please advise on the bast way to it's recovery such as extand of cut back or support that can get it stand straight again?

Thank you very much

ping & Rob


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  • Alina WAlina W Posts: 1,445

    The only thing you can do is cut it back to a section that is still reasonably vertical, put it in a light position in a warm room and hope. Since the plant is not frost hardy, your chances of it recovering are not very good, I'm afraid.

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 82,075

    Oh dear - what a sad sight image  I can't offer any better advice than Alina's - the thing is that the damaged parts will rot and this will spread back into any undamaged parts so it is important to cut any rotting parts away quickly.  It just depends on how hard the frosts were - there is just a chance that it might shoot again from the root - fingers and toes very crossed image

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  • What a shame Ping.As Alina says it looks as if it has been damaged.But cut it down  to an undamaged part and it might re shoot. you can also make new plants by sticking some undamaged mature leaves in soil or water and they will root easily. It is quite a forgiving plant and with a bit of luck it will sprout again. Failing that the leaves should grow O.K.

    It happened to me a couple of years ago and I was lucky enough to rescue mine and now it looks like a "standard" Jade tree!!

  • well,if you take a few leaves that are not affected you may grow some more,its sad when you lose a plant but do try and see if you can bring it in leave it alone for awhile and who knows it might come true.sometimes it does.


    This one I have saved a few times from fate mainly over watering or draughts but I have many replacements they are easy to do although it takes time to get big.hope yours heals.image


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    thank you for all great advices,

    we had cut it down to 2 main trunk, but mold is building up on all the cutting n we r jz keep cutting dwn the mold effecting surface.

    Not sure what's the best prob will pull out the whole plant start all over again from root


  • sounds like its rotting,start a new ,cut right back the stems and put it to one side,but if it has rotting stems ,I think I would discard.They are easy to grow and it wont take long before its big again.take some dry leaves and hope for the best!

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