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Potato Blight - which potato to grow



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    Unless you live miles from anywhere, you should try a local garden centre as buying on line is much more costly and then there is the carriage to pay!

    The problem with buying online is the weight of the potatoes!

  • Emmaandsam - There are loads of local Potato Days around the country every year where you can choose from many varieties - here's an example of a website promoting them:

    Spuds start at 10p a tuber at the one I go to.

    I had blight for the first time this year - I was growing the varieties I ususally do, Charlotte, Red Duke of York, and a 3rd one which escapes me at the moment image and they all got it. I put it down to the weather and have fingers crossed for next year.

  • JIMMMYJIMMMY Posts: 241


    In this weeks Garden News, Nigel Coburn was posed the question what potatoes he will grow next season, the reply was Charlotte and Epicure!

    My wife is a Scot so when we were up there we were fed "Ayrshire" potatoes, "the best in the world" according to my mother in law!

    "Ayrshire" potatoes are actually Epicure, I tried them and they tasted nothing like the Scottish ones, so never again!

    I wonder if Nigel will give us a tweet on here?

  • JIMMMYJIMMMY Posts: 241


    Local garden centre has "early" seed potatoes on display !

    Must say this is the earliest I have ever seen them for sale!


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