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Box Spirals and Ball

I am a little worried about 2 box spirals I purchased last year.  They are showing no new growth at all yet.  I have been watching them over the winter and making sure that they don't dry out.  Anyone had a similar problem.  


  • Blue OnionBlue Onion Posts: 2,995

    Are you in ground or in pots?  Do they look healthy?  I'm not sure about box, but some plants focus on growing roots the first year they are planted, and invest less energy on the foliage.  I would expect a bit of spring growth though.

    Utah, USA.
  • They are in pots - yes they look ok, healthy, they look like winter box.  I telephoned the nursery today and after talking with them I decided to remove them - make sure they are moist all the way through the root ball (they were) and gave a boost with some tomato feed and a little general fertiliser to add to the slow release fertiliser I had added.  I will now watch and wait for a few weeks.  The nursery said they had a few box plants that weren't showing any growth but they would expect some growth by now.

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