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I have seen rats in my garden for the first time ever, the cat is bringing them home dead. If I put poison down for the rats will it affect the cat


  • GillianBCGillianBC Posts: 121

    I have just caught a rat in my garden as I didn't want the cats getting any nasty diseases and I didn't want to poison him.  He was just as cute as a squirrel.  I bought The Big Cheese trap and baited it with a fat ball.  The rat was unharmed and I drove him about a mile away and released him.

  • I have never had rats in the garden before but I have seen more than one so that is a big worry. I need more than  a one rat bait trap. Do you know of the sonic zappers work?

  • flumpy1flumpy1 Posts: 3,117

    Yes it will kill the cat as it did my mum and dad's cat when there neighbour put poison down without telling them and it killed the cat image.


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